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Our Teas by Art of Tea

Perfect any time, our organic tea selection tastes fantastic and are great for taking a moment to enjoy your day. And to top it off, why not pair your tea time with one of our desserts from our bakery?

English Breakfast


This is our traditional blend of organic and biodynamic black tea. Grown and harvested beyond organic, biodynamic farming embraces the global and local culture of our Fair Trade Single Estate ecosystem, creating a superior organic black tea. Steeps a smooth malty cup with a clean finish, providing a robust flavor perfect for starting the day.

Cup of tea Cup of green tea Cup of black tea

Award Winning Earl Grey


Our blend of organic black teas is hand-picked from select gardens in Sri Lanka. The full bodied leaves are then blended with precious oil of bergamot to create a superb citrus bouquet and great finish. Make your afternoon teatime perfect with this timeless classic.

Fresh Greens


Citrusy and refreshing, this lemony green tea infusion steeps a mellow, light green cup. Perfect as an iced tea or as a mid-afternoon pick me up.

Caffeine Free

Chamomile Clementine


Chamomile Clementine has a sweet and velvety taste unseen in most chamomile blends. This unique tisane is mellow but complex, and finishes with hints of cinnamon, apple and lime.

Sleep Tight


Rest easy with this calming bedtime inspired blend that will send you off to dreamland so quickly, you won't even have to count sheep.